We hope that you enjoy these many photos taken at the SC State Meet 2017! This year I was blessed to have Steve DePiero be my partner photographer! He was a huge help as he took amazing photographs and put in a ton of hours! We were also blessed to have Mary Beth Lyons, from H2A fill in when Steve had to actually go to his paying job. It was great to get a perspective from someone from another team. She is also a very talented photographer and has offered to partner will us for next year! All that being said, having more photographers means more photos. I know it is tedious to go through so many to find your swimmer but know that there were over 900 swimmers and we did not want to leave anyone out. If we did, we sincerely apologize. The photos are organized by session as well as podiums and Senior Recognition. Have fun going through the pics! Try to go through all of them as they tell the story of our amazing young SC swimmers.